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We have a combined experience of more than three decades in working for and with regional and multinational investors and top managers



CEMI’s substantial background in the banking and finance sector has helped some of the largest regional players on the increasingly competitive market in Central and Eastern Europe.

CEMI’s work has included market research, product launch strategy, fine-tuning and optimization of bank networks and processes.



The partners at CEMI have know-how in telecommunications and IT, and many CEMI employees have accumulated considerable experience working on projects for the regional leaders in this field. Thus, CEMI’s superior knowledge of the industry guarantees the high quality of its work.

CEMI has significant track-record working for the leading regional/global telecommunication and IT companies on projects concerning various business issues: process and organizational redesign, procurement cost optimization, other strategic issues and M&A advisory.



The retail sector is ongoing a steady process of regionalization and consolidation, and is one of the main driving forces of other industries as well. As a regional leader in strategic consultancy, CEMI has a broad perspective of these processes. Combined with its retail-specific know-how, CEMI is in the position to offer solutions that encompass the whole Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

CEMI’s expertise includes development of promotions management strategy, quality management of sales processes, optimization of sales network and procurement costs, and pricing and logistics-related strategy formulation.



Food and Agriculture in Central and Eastern Europe is an increasingly regionalized market. CEMI’s regional perspective has had a massive impact on some of the leaders of consolidation in numerous market areas.

CEMI's breadth of expertise in the Food and Agriculture sector includes production, logistics and capacity optimization, inventory management, fine-tuning of sales processes, and strategy and market analysis.



Energy is one of the top-priority fields for CEMI, and with time, the company has managed to build up significant competence concerning the most important issues of this sector today. The company’s deep understanding of regulatory issues and strategically important business developments covers Central and Eastern Europe: a necessary precondition for success on a market with increasing levels of regional consolidation.

CEMI has also worked with some of the leading utilities companies in the region, which are also undergoing transformations and are adapting to new market and regulatory environments.

CEMI’s experience comprises electricity and heat generation, gas and renewable sources of energy, bioenergy and biofuels.



Real estate and construction is one of the hot issues in Central and Eastern Europe. CEMI has acquired significant experience throughout the whole value chain of the industry, from construction and supply of building materials, to real estate and facility management.

CEMI’s expertise comprises rationalization of facility management processes and cost compression programs, strategic analysis and management of global construction materials suppliers, and restructuring of real estate management companies.



Transportation and logistics sector are in the midst of a regionalization and consolidation process, and are one of the key levers of other industries as well. CEMI relies on its regional leadership and perspective to provide insights that cover the whole Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

CEMI has an in-depth knowledge of the regional transportation and logistics market. Some of the projects undertaken by CEMI included transport rationalization programs and restructuring of public transportation companies.



CEMI has tried to remain as flexible as possible in its selection of clients, which has helped the company to broaden its horizons and test its creativity and unique methodology in less mainstream business areas.

Outside the core fields of competency, CEMI also has significant expertise in many other industries, ranging from biotechnology and IT to manufacturing.


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