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We not only ensure continuous professional development but also demand it


We are actively seeking new members to our team.

Please, submit your application online if interested.

 Have a bachelor and/or advanced degree?

 Are dynamic, motivated, hard-working, result oriented?

 Fluently speak English?

 Would like to work on interesting assignments?

 Have outstanding problem-solving skills?

 We seek 

We work hard but pay extra attention to maintaining a reasonable work-life balance.

At the same time, we have an informal, open atmosphere where professional debates are decided on their merits and not on the participants' seniority.

 We offer 
Career path

An analyst would work on different projects in order to obtain experience in various industries across the region. The analyst’s responsibilities include research and analysis in the framework of the ongoing project and involve extensive communication within the project team.

The typical analyst is a fresh university graduate (BA or MA degree from a top university). Candidates with previous work experience may join CEMI at the analyst or associate level depending on the length and depth of their work experience.

Expected time at position:

1.5-3 years.


An associate has acquired a broad experience in several industries and may opt to specialize in some of them. Besides research and analysis, the associate manages and controls the quality of the analysts’ work.


The typical candidate for an associate is an analyst who has demonstrated superior qualities and maturity during their career at CEMI.

Expected time at position:

1.5-2.5 years.


The project manager’s responsibility is the operational management of project teams of associates and analysts. A project manager is also responsible for setting project targets, communicating with the client and performing all other managerial activities.

The project manager is expected to have an advanced degree (MBA, PhD or similar), and has demonstrated leadership and management skills, high analytical expertise and superior business sense.

Expected time at position:

1.5-2.5 years.


Joining the partnership body is the highest possible position within CEMI. A partner would be responsible for general business development, shaping life within the firm and ensuring that CEMI delivers the best possible results for its clients.

The partner is expected to have an advanced degree (MBA, PhD or similar) and numerous years of executive-level business experience. Apart from showing all the necessary skills for a top-level business leader, a partner also has the ability to think strategically about CEMI’s development.



Please, submit your application here by filling out the form.

When your application is in, your CV is prescreened. Applicants that match CEMI's criteria will be interviewed in at least three rounds by CEMI partners.

We treat all your data in the application process strictly confidentially.


To have an idea on what type of problems you may have to solve at your interview, please visit our Case Study Example page.

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