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CEMI conducts all of its assignments in teams to ensure the best possible service to its clients



CEMI’s mission is to provide world-class, rigorously fact based and execution focused problem solving to its clients. It was originally established with the aim of assisting global clients in the data-scarce environment of the Central Eastern European region, but has since built a truly international presence.


In each assignment, we assemble a team that fits the client's background and the relevant geography. CEMI can rely on local knowledge, expertise and talent in all countries of the region, and its geographical coverage is likely to increase with time.

CEMI conducts all of its assignments in teams to ensure the best possible service to its clients. Each team is lead by a CEMI partner who is responsible for managing the team and for delivering CEMI's knowledge in its entirety for the client. Usually each team consists of a project manager, associates and analysts. They are colleagues who have proven to be the brightest among the brightests in the rigorous selection process and later mastered CEMI’s specific methodology.


CEMI's partners have a combined experience of more than three decades in working for and with regional and multinational investors and top managers. As a result, CEMI has a solid understanding of these leaders’ special perspectives and needs.


CEMI has colleagues and local networks in all countries of the region,
and has conducted projects across Europe.


CEMI's partners have worked in more than 20 countries on two continents, for the leading companies of more than a dozen industries. The quality standards set at these successful projects, deals, and jobs continue to serve as the minimum expectation for CEMI projects.


It is CEMI's firm belief that implementation is one of the most important strategic issues itself. Consequently, its focus on strategic issues does not mean a detached, theoretical approach. On the contrary, all of CEMI's major works committed to and delivered tangible results.


CEMI's partners accumulated substantial problem solving experience during their spells at leading multinational and regional companies as consultants and top managers. The partners' skills were also honed during their earlier MBA studies at the world's leading business schools. CEMI's unique, fact based yet practical approach to problem solving is built on these foundations.

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